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Nathan Moore, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon located in West Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Nathan Moore always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Nathan Moore below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

  • Dr. Moore is great. Both knees total replacement with no issues whatsoever and they were BAD! Would recommend him 100%. I'm a happy camper.

    Submitted 07/01/20

    - Donald M.
  • My visit today with Dr. Moore was, as always, very good. The staff and Dr. Moore are always ready to help and listen.

    Submitted 07/01/20

    - Patricia S.
  • Professional, Knowledgeable, informative & very helpful with a series of serious structural difficulties. Thank you very much & I would recommend him to anyone.

    Submitted 07/03/20

    - Herbert F.
  • I highly recommend Dr. Moore. He is a great physician. He is committed to his patients and providing the best medical care possible. Takes the time to explain and answer your questions.

    Submitted 07/06/20

    - Linda S.
  • Dr Moore is very concerned about the patients he sees. He is patient and takes his time to answer questions.

    Submitted 07/07/20

    - Jon B.
  • Dr. Moore always listen when you talk. You feel truly cared for. I would not go to anyone else for care. Even the staff is very friendly.

    Submitted 07/10/20

    - Tami L.
  • He's as good is your going to get. Super work Dr. Moore.

    Submitted 07/10/20

    - Terry S.
  • Need I say any more? You guys are the best.

    Submitted 07/13/20

    - Dawn C.
  • Dr.Moore and his staff were very professional and courtesy. I was able to get appointments that fit my schedule and never waited more than 15 minutes to be seen. Dr.Moore was very informative about what to expect with the total knee replacement. Surgery and recovery went well and on track for full recovery.

    Submitted 07/31/20

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    - Sean B.
  • Dr. Moore is taking wonderful care of me.

    Submitted 12/01/20

    - Mary H.
  • Dr. Moore is the best! Was riding my horse two weeks after surgery. He replaced both of my knees A year apart. No issues what so ever!

    Submitted 02/03/21

    - Connie T.
  • Finding Dr. Moore was the best thing I could have done. I'd tried some other things to heal my knee, but there was no saving it. I was scared of knee replacement, but learning more about minimally invasive replacement eased a lot of my fears. The office was top notch and professional, but what was most impressive was how comfortable every staff member made me feel, like I was an old friend. Dr. Moore is very kind and compassionate, and he took time to address my concerns, including showing me the hypoallergenic knee he would use since I have trouble with metal. The surgery itself was fast. I was scheduled for 7 am and was home by 11. My physical therapist was astonished at how much flexibility I had four days after surgery--I was at 115 degrees! It's been 8 days now and I can walk without a walker. I know recovery is going to be much faster than it would have been if I'd had the traditional replacement. I'm so glad I found Dr. Moore! There's no getting around the fact a knee replacement is painful the first week or so, but recovery with this method is SO much faster! I highly recommend this practice for any orthopedic needs. He's really one of a kind!

    Submitted 02/19/21

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    - Colleen C.
  • Dr. Moore is truly an exceptional surgeon. He has the skill, attitude and knowledge of a top doc, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him if you want the very best of care in joint replacement. I am pain free after many years of struggling with my arthritic hips, and look forward to an active life again thanks to Dr. Moore!

    Submitted 03/20/21

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    - Debbie M.
  • I had been struggling with an arthritic right hip joint for several years. I thought if I continued to exercise and remain active, it would get better or at least not get any worse. However starting about 3 years ago, the pain gradually kept creeping in and movement became more and more difficult. This last year, especially the last 3 months or so, the pain was almost 24/7 and my activities had dropped off to almost zero. In comparison to an x-ray taken this past May, to an x-ray taken in 2018, there was significant deterioration of the joint. I had been researching joint replacement for several months. One of my finalists was Phoenix Spine and Joint, so I contacted their office and was set up with a consultation appointment with Dr. Nathan Moore. I quickly felt very comfortable with his level of skill and pleasant demeanor. The consultation was not rushed, and every one of my concerns were answered directly and professionally. Surgery was scheduled and completed on June 3, 2021. I am 10 days post surgery and could not be more delighted. The joint pain is completely gone and I am working on muscle rehabilitation. I didn't quite realize how traumatized the muscles around the joint get during this procedure, but now I understand the importance of the exercises and physical therapy. I am using a walker, but with a little less dependency as each day goes by. I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Moore and his assisting staff. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Dr. Moore, and extend my gratitude to him for a job well done. Thanks Dr. Moore and Staff, Dale Walker.

    Submitted 06/13/21

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    - Dale W.
  • Dr Moore was very professional and personable. He explained my hip replacement in detail along with all my recovery concerns. He answered all my questions with patience and kind understanding. I am now in recovery. It's been one 5 days since my surgery. Looking forward to a speedy recovery and getting back to an active lifestyle. His staff was very nice and kept up with me for weeks prior since I had to fly in from out of state. They fit me for surgery within a couple of weeks since I had to get back to work quickly. The facility was impressive as well. Clean, modern and very comfortable. It was like a mini hospital. I would recommend him for anyone needing hip or knee replacement!!

    Submitted 07/03/21

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    - Dianne P.
  • I had 2 hip replacements Dr. Moore did a great job.

    Submitted 07/15/21

    - David K.
  • Dr. Moore and his staff and team are incredible! They are definitely a well oiled machine, and all strive for a common and unified goal! Making sure that their patients and clients get the best education and information and service possible! They all went the extra mile at everything they did for me. From helping me get the right procedures to getting approved by the insurance, and recommending and finding the out sourced test and labs (because we are out of state) to suggestions for accommodations for our stay! They are so professional and kind. And made sure and checked on my recovery through out the weekend and the following Monday so that we could travel home in safety. The whole team and staff that we got to work with were passionate about what they do and take pride in their how they do it! I am grateful for that. Our experience with them was incredible. And my confidence in them is unwavering. Heading back soon to do the other knee! Every patient I met while there for my evaluation to my surgery had the same thoughts and feelings about Dr Moore and his people! And they all have great smiles and know how to laugh!! Thank you Dr Moore staff and team!!!

    Submitted 09/17/21

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    - Todd W.
  • I had my first appointment with Dr. Moore today and I can’t express enough on how the appointment went. Dr Moore was the 4th orthopedic doc I have seen for my hip and I can finally say I finally found the right doctor. He is a flat out the most professional, knowledgeable, straight shooter I have ever dealt with. Even though I was a 20 year Navy Combat Corpsman and have an in-depth knowledge of what is needed he kept it simple and straight to the point. His office staff Especially the manager Ashley are the best. They were short staffed today and were apologizing for having make me wait like 15 minutes past my appointment including Dr Moore. That is unheard of in the medical environment today. I will have to have my hip replaced and this is the Doctor that I want doing this. He has outstanding training, knowledge and ability in his field that in my opinion is unparalleled in the Phoenix Metro Area. I just wish I could give them more than 5. Folks check and research your orthopedic doctors for procedure’s they do and I can pretty much guarantee that this is the place you will end up at.

    Submitted 10/24/22

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    - Bruce C.
  • It is rare to have a medical experience that every staff member was so kind and considerate. From the front desk, to the phone appointment with Yvonne, the awesome nurses and Jordan the anesthesiologist who was so kind, he gave my husband his cell and said call if you have any trouble, who does that. And Dr. Moore made me feel like the most important patient he had, and kept apologizing for a short delay. Thank you all and God bless you.

    Submitted 12/20/22

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    - Trudy S.
  • Being new to Arizona I had no idea of who to entrust my knee surgery to. After spending a fair amount of time researching doctors I settled on Dr. Moore. Although an hour away from his office I felt it was worth the drive. My decision was found to be an excellent one and I could not be happier with the way things went. Having had a partial knee replacement on the same knee about fourteen years ago my surgery was not the run of the mill replacement, but Dr. Moore made it seem like it. From the time I came out of recovery until today I have experienced great results. My pain is gone, my flexibility is back and being only four weeks our of surgery my life has pretty much returned to normal. Thank you Dr. Moore and your professional staff for making this a great experience and helping me return to an active and normal life.

    Submitted 04/02/23

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    - Krenneth H.
  • Dr Moore was very understanding of my issues and explained to me and my wife was procedures were available.

    Submitted 05/03/23

    - Frank H.
  • He explained what's happening in the process and had a positive experience.

    Submitted 05/24/23

    - Michael D.
  • Always a friendly and helpful. Dr Moore is Fantastic.

    Submitted 06/30/23

    - Karen J M.
  • Very professional and friendly practice.

    Submitted 07/08/23

    - Iuliana P.
  • Dr. Moore is by far one of the best surgeons that I have had. Having had many orthopedic surgery's in the past, Dr Moore is top notch. He takes time to listen, explains to the fullest the procedures of the surgery and understands your concerns. Highly recommend. Thank you Dr. Moore.

    Submitted 07/14/23

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    - Jordi C.
  • in, out. They explained the procedure to us, had the procedure, I am walking two days afterward, walked out and walked around the house. Mild soreness. Have not taken anything stronger than 600mg Tylenol. Going to have Dr. Moore do the other hip as soon as I can. Would recommend him and his staff to anyone, they were all great!

    Submitted 07/20/23

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    - Victor R B.
  • Everyone friendly, on time. Great treatment from Dr Moore.

    Submitted 07/22/23

    - Julie Kay S.
  • My hip replacement was amazing. Office, surgical staff and doctors were the bestest. Highly recommend, great experience, extremely invasive. Went home same day and walking! THANK YOU Dr Moore.

    Submitted 07/26/23

    - Carol H.
  • Dr. Moore is a wonderful physician and surgeon. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and caring. He is currently treating me for knee pain. He has provided me with much needed pain relief through the use of knee injections performed with great expertise. He has given me an honest assessment of the progression of the disease in my knees, and I trust him with the continued care of my knees. I wholeheartedly recommend this fine doctor.

    Submitted 07/28/23

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    - John H.
  • Dr Moore was very personable and explained things clearly..

    Submitted 08/04/23

    - Julie B.
  • It’s been a little over 2 years since I had Dr. Moore replace both of my knees, (exactly 1 week apart), and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have since recommended Dr. Moore to several individuals, but couldn’t convince them to make the trip to Goodyear Az. They've had their surgeries closer to home & everyone of them has had a bad experience in one way or another. Along with Kasic surgery, I tell people that it’s the smartest decision I’ve made, to travel to Goodyear to have Dr Moore replace my knees, I just wish he did shoulders, they’ll be next.

    Submitted 08/05/23

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    - Alan F.
  • Submitted 08/11/23

    - Teresa E.
  • Friendly staff. Everything explained in simple terms.

    Submitted 09/09/23

    - Aaron B.
  • Dr Moore seemed kind. He listened and my appt did not feel rushed. The front staff was friendly and efficient.

    Submitted 09/14/23

    - Catherine Ann P.
  • Very effluent staff. Dr Moore explained my options very clearly. Good experience.

    Submitted 09/15/23

    - William R V.
  • All Good, no complaints

    Submitted 10/06/23

    - Arthur R.
  • Very professional!

    Submitted 10/07/23

    - Eugene B.
  • Outstanding!

    Submitted 10/13/23

    - Ernest Ray H.
  • Excellent patient interface. Patient and thorough explanations of skeletal issues and treatment procedures, recovery and rehab.

    Submitted 10/14/23

    - Robert Terry C.
  • Doctor Moore and the entire staff are super friendly and very helpful…Dr. Moore is very patient, reassuring and explains everything in a way that is easily understandable…

    Submitted 10/19/23

    - James C.
  • Only because cause I waited for over 1/2 hr from appt time.

    Submitted 10/30/23

    - Joyce B.
  • The office was very clean the people that work there is very professional friendly and patient.

    Submitted 11/02/23

    - Ollie L G.

    Submitted 11/04/23

    - Robert P.
  • Great people! Professional and caring. Recommend to anyone who needs!!

    Submitted 11/11/23

    - Debra L.
  • Had knee pain, got right in and he told me my knee was wore out on one side.

    Submitted 11/30/23

    - Philip N.
  • Fully satisfied from the start. I did not spend time in the hospital; I went home after the procedure. I received six months and one year evaluation. I have no problem making appointment if I want to see Dr. Moore. Overall, I am satisfied and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional orthopedic knee surgeon.

    Submitted 12/07/23

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    - Eduardo G M.
  • The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Both Dr. Moore and his PA explained everything in my X-rays and gave me multiple alternatives and the pros and cons for each solution. I appreciated being able to reviews the option with no pressure.

    Submitted 12/09/23

    - Arthur R.
  • Great explanation of procedures.

    Submitted 12/11/23

    - Dennis Erwin R.
  • My experience with Dr Moore and his staff was excellent. Felt very comfortable with all my questions answered.

    Submitted 12/12/23

    - Barbara Jean S.
  • Excellent

    Submitted 12/14/23

    - Cindy Lu M.
  • always great experience at this orthopedic office. From the friendly front office staff to Dr. Moore, an approachable surgeon, who is open to answering all of my questions and putting me at ease.

    Submitted 12/16/23

    - Christine Annette B.
  • Dr. Moore and his PA, Karla did a great job in explaining all the options from cortisone shots, to gel injections, to PRP injections to total knee replacement. They spent the time to discuss all options, pros and cons. After our appointment I was able to make a decision that was well thought out with all the facts. I would highly recommend Dr. Moore for any knee condition you have.

    Submitted 12/16/23

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    - Kenneth S.
  • Very kind Dr. - concerned and efficient at the same time. I have recommended him to all my hobbling friends.

    Submitted 12/16/23

    - Carol Jane D.
  • Been seeing Dr. Moore for 7 years. Since he's done a partial replacement ok both my knees. His treatment and explanation of what going is incredible. He lays everything out for you and great at continued treatment before and leading up to surgery. The result from surgery are amazing. Had my right knee done yesterday and just got done walking the neighborhood. Highly recommended Dr. Moore to anyone with orthopedic issues.

    Submitted 12/20/23

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    - Alejandro S.
  • Because of Dr. Moore‘s surgical techniques, my physical therapist told me I had the fastest recovery time of any knee replacement patient he has ever seen in his 14 years of practice.

    Submitted 12/23/23

    - Roy A D.
  • Very patient explains everything to you very well and always take the time to answer any questions that you may have

    Submitted 12/25/23

    - Ollie L G.
  • Dr. Moore performed my hip replacement yesterday. I appreciated the fact that I could go home the same day. The staff is so compassionate and caring. They called today to see how I was doing. Dr. Moore is also extremely compassionate and patient. He's got a great bedside manner! I can't say how successful the surgery is as it's been one day but I'm relatively pain free without meds. So far, so good! Dr. Moore will be my go-to ortho guy from now on!

    Submitted 01/03/24

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    - Robin C.
  • Dr. Moore and his staff have been attentive, helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate throughout my total knee replacement surgery. Although I became ill a couple of days following the surgery (unrelated), and got behind in my physical therapy goals due to illness, Dr. Moore and his staff provided timely, helpful medical guidance throughout this time and a subsequent knee procedure have helped me catch up and succeed with my recovery. Dr. Moore is an excellent surgeon, a good listener, a very knowledgeable doctor, and, importantly, is honest and compassionate with his patients.

    Submitted 01/04/24

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    - Jeanne Louise C.
  • He’s compassionate, caring . Ray to talk to . The staff is also caring.

    Submitted 01/04/24

    - Sandy Jo S.
  • Dr Moore is one of the best Orthopedic docs I have worked with. He is very skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate. He definitely comes highly recommended.

    Submitted 01/11/24

    - Deven C.
  • Dr. Moore is caring, knowledgeable and compassionate. His staff was friendly, courteous and caring . I normally dread going to a doctor's appointment but this is a visit you can look forward to.

    Submitted 01/17/24

    - David G.
  • Great office staff. So far very satisfied.

    Submitted 01/27/24

    - Don Alan P.

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